FPII provides high quality solutions based on custom necessity of the client.‭ ‬We unite technological expertise inventive research technique and new approaches together to recommend the best solutions of the crisis.‭ ‬Our main focus is to provide requirement based solution with added value in shoe string budget under strict time line.‭ ‬FPII make sure that our client realizes great returns on their asset in technology initiative.

Our technical team consists of PHP,‭ ‬MySQL,‭ ‬Objective C,‭ ‬Drupal engineers,‭ ‬database developers,‭ ‬as well as technology quality analysts.‭ ‬We therefore work with the newest tools and applications to give our clients the optimal,‭ ‬customized and comprehensive open source technology solutions possible.

We offer a complete range of consulting,‭ ‬design,‭ ‬build,‭ ‬implementation,‭ ‬migration,‭ ‬and support services that can help to promote a successful project and a satisfied client.


  • FPII is one stop for online cloud backup and cloud hosting solutions provider.
  • Database Management using MySQL. As the volume of data increases over a period of time, the biggest challenge is to manage the explosion of data growth. Thus FPII manages expert data protection, takes care of backup, restore and storage performance optimization.
  • Host mission-critical and resource-intensive applications on pre-configured, high-performance dedicated servers to make critical business data and applications available for access within the shortest time possible.
  • Scalable, high-performance network architecture with maximum uptime and availability. Load balancing ensure fast connection and fail safe 24x7 access that help you minimize response time while maximizing site availability.

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