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[accordion-item title=”ROLES & RESPONSIBILITY OF EMPLOYEES” id=s1]

As a company structure there should be technical director whoever is the most eligible person will be next technical director person.

Employee who is drawing salary of Rs 100000/-and above should be eligible by default for technical director capability.

[accordion-item title=”CLASSIFICATION OF EMPLOYEES” id=s2]All the permanent employees and the employees on probation are classified into various designations depending upon the job responsibility in the company. The detailed hierarchy is present in the organization chart provided in the website.

[accordion-item title=”VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYEES” id=s3]

The Company may, at its discretion conduct background verification prior to or after your expected joining date. Various documents are required for background authentication and the company reserves all the rights to terminate the continuity of services if any falsification is found. The company reserves all rights to declare the documents as accurate and satisfactory.

[accordion-item title=”IDENTITY CARD” id=s4]

The employee will be issued identity card within 07 working days of joining the services of the company.

[accordion-item title=”OFFER & APPOINTMENT LETTER” id=s5]

Offer & Appointment letter will be issued to the employees by the Human Resource Management Department upon his / her joining the company.

[accordion-item title=”OFFICE WORKING HOURS” id=s6]

The Registered Office / Regional Office working days are from Monday to Saturday and standard office time is 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. Sunday will be weekly off. The project site working days are from Monday to Saturday and standard project time is based on the project location and type of project.

[accordion-item title=”RESIGNATION” id=s7]

Employee will be resign from the company services, has to submit the resignation letter to Project Head / HR Department. If anyone resigns before 18 months then company has the rights to not issue experience certificate or any other documents to Employee or any other Employer.

No Employee will join to our business competitor for next one year from the date of resignation.

[accordion-item title=”TERMINATION POLICY” id=s8]

Employer /Employee can terminate employee from employship by at least giving minimum two months notice. Proof must be present of any such termination and get it approved via email id director@4pillarsinfotechindia.com  , on falling to do so the termination will not be valid.

No employee can terminate himself/herself, with in the eighteen months, falling to do so is simple a discontinue employee and will name as blacklist in the website of the company. Once Eighteen months will completed then one can terminate himself/herself by giving two months notice or by paying two months complete salary.

In case of Employer terminate any employee after 18 month then employer either have to give 2 months notice or have to pay the two months complete CTC.

In probation period of 18 months if any employee is continuous absent for more than 30 days, then the employee will be terminate but he /she can reapply again for job application.

[accordion-item title=”FULL & FINAL SETTLEMENT” id=s9]

All dues and include last salary will be clear by company within 45 days , as there are critical process was involve by giving the character certificate of employee.

In order to get the full and final payment one have to take the character certificate from the company.

Company can produce the character certificate to employee only an only after 30 days by taking required from client and other employee , if there is no negative remark either by client or by Team leader then only company can give character certificate or else it will be treated as legal consequence and will take court action.

After the character certificate the employee will need to collect security certificate from 99IDEAS LLC (A third party company for evaluating security).

[accordion-item title=”TRAVEL POLICY” id=s10]

This Policy lays down the provisions regarding: Authorization for travel Modes of travel Classification of cities Limits of reimbursement for boarding and lodging Miscellaneous payments, which the employees have to undertake while travelling on company business.


Salary and responsibilities are going vice versa so with the increase in salary the individual have to increase responsibilities.



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[accordion-item title=”RELIEVE POLICY” id=s1]

All employee need to take Approval from his/her Reporting Manager or Team Leader for handover of technical reports of his/her job responsibilities, after No Objection or No Dues clearance received from Reporting Manager or Team Leader only employee will get relieve from service. All company asset need to be handover by approval of Team Leader, After technical team Approval employee will get relieve from his/her service.

[accordion-item title=”RETIREMENT POLICY” id=s2]

Retirement age for Non Technical members is 55 Year and Technical members is 45 Year.