result Online Result Display

The online result display module is to display all the results of candidates online. It has a very simplified design and candidates can know their result using their enrollment number as well as seat number. There are two logins for the enrollment module. The institute login is to fill, edit, confirm and cancel the enrollment form and enter the DD details. From RBTE login, the RBTEs can edit, and confirm the enrollment form applications. Also, RBTE is supposed to verify the DD details by the institute. Candidates are involved in the enrollment process indirectly as they actually don’t log in but visit the institute during an enrollment process.

Public display

1. The candidates and other users have the public link to access the result of candidates.

2. The public display has the panel to enter seat number or enrollment number and all the scheme details of candidate appear as he appeared in the current exam. After clicking on the scheme, the marks of a candidate for that scheme appear.

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