onlinercrtmntsystem Online Recruitment SystemWhat is Online Recruitment System?

Online Recruitment System is the complete process for a candidate to apply for certain job postings, confirmation of the application, generation of Hall Ticket and appear for an online examination. The Online Recruitment System is used by several recruiters to select candidates from a large pool of applicants according to their merit and aptitude for a certain posting. The online system makes it simple and hassle-free to manage thousands of applications received every year. It is a very technologically advanced process of maintenance and can handle huge data and large load on servers.

What are the steps involved in Online Recruitment System?

Online Recruitment System is a four-step process and involves the following steps:

1. Online Application - The application process is the first step in the online recruitment framework. In this the candidate is required to fill an online application form and update basic information related to the candidate's personal details, educational information, identification details, employment history and other skillset information as required by the aplication form.

2. Application Confirmation - An applicant will no longer be able to edit the information uploaded in the online application form after successful confirmation.The main objective of confirmation module is to check eligibility of the candidate for applying post.

3. Hall Ticket Generation - Hall ticket is what is needed by a candidate to appear for an examination.Few recruiters require the candidate to take up certain examinations based on the posts applied to.A Hall Ticket is issued to all those applicants who have successfully completed the online application process and confirmed the process by the nearest ITI office. Hall ticket contains all the information related to the examination that a candidate would be required to appear for.

4. Online Skill Test - Various job postings require the candidate to possess certain skills. Skill Test is the process in the online recruitment framework wherein a candidate's aplicability for a post is tested on the basis of certain examinations.The tests are conducted based on the job postings applied to and may not be applicable for all jobs. Skill Test can be exempted for several candidates on the grounds of merit or class reservation.

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