infrastructure1 Infrastructure

infraicon Infrastructure1.Our infrastructure incorporates high-speed and reliable data networks to suit Customer requirement, best-in-class technologies and support from a highly skilled technology support team in our center. Our infrastructure is capable of handling multi-channel Projects and Requirements.

2.With our excellently laid hardware and software environment, our planned system of work refers to the best of the technology parameters and development tools. Our well-designed communication proponents and sophisticated support system have facilitated dynamic approach in our work setting.

  • Data security is taken very seriously at FPII. To avoid any data theft or loss we protect it through a Firewall,

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    Active Directory policies, handle it with security tools and selective network access

  • All the data flow by certain mechanism and access is restricted and controlled by VPN
  • We have comprehensive security set up that ensures all the data, documents are secure and protected at all the time.


sh InfrastructureHardware & Software

  1. FPII Connected with 4 MBPS consistent Lease Line connection with backup.
    1. Redundant leased lines terminating at our office, provided by 2 different ISPs for un-interrupted work.
  2. Development arena surfaced with genuine license software.
  3. All workstation have High end Configuration with 4 GB RAM.
  4. High End Servers


serverntwr InfrastructureServer Network and Connections

  1. FPII has its own Server Architecture and Load Balancing Server which manages Millions of Hits.
  2. FPII has its own Data Center which is connected via VPN in Pune, Mumbai and US.
  3. FPII has its own centralized backup Services for ongoing Live Work with Automatic Backup Schedule on 3 Different Locations in India and US.
  4. FPII also has its alternate Server backup location in US in case of failover with Unlimited Space and bandwidth.


cmnctnfacility InfrastructureCommunication and Reporting Facility

  1. FPII maintains high level of project transparency by using smart tools like, Skype for ongoing project management
  2. Complete transfer of ownership of source codes, images and all relevant documents
  3. Prompt and easily accessible review and feedback facility
  4. Project updates and developments are available on servers
  5. FPII follows internationally accepted coding Standards as per industry and business requirements
  6. Highly experienced and compassionate team to guide you throughout the project development
  7. Assurance of complete IP protection by signing NDAs and clearly stated contracts, right in the beginning of project