What is E – mark sheets?

emark E-MarksheetE – Mark sheet is the medium of providing or entering a students’ marks in an online portal. E – Mark sheets is an efficient and optimized manner of handling marks related information and removes the hassle of the unorganized traditional paper method of maintaining marks. The main objective of E – Mark sheet is to efficiently evaluate the Candidate’s marks thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast and accurate results.

In the e-marksheet module, all the Institutes and RACs will be able to give marks for Theory marks, Theory Test Marks, Practical Marks, Practical Test Marks, Oral Marks, Term Marks, and Sessional Marks at their levels.

In case of Non-theory e-marksheet, the system will be used by Head of Department and Examiners of the institute. The HOD of the department or of particular course creates their Examiners and assigns the mark sheets. The Examiners will fill the online mark sheets. In case of theory emarksheet, the system will be used by Officer in charge and quality officer in charge.

What is the process of creating E – Mark sheets?

The process of creating E – Mark sheets can be separated into two categories:

  1. Theory E – Mark sheets
  2. Non Theory E – Mark sheets

Theory E – Mark sheets process can be illustrated in the following steps:

Basically there are four logins for theory emarksheet. Additionally there are 2 logins for admin and MSBTE.

A. Institute/Exam Center Activity:

1) Institute / EC Login

B. RAC Activity:

1) Officer in Charge login

2) The quality officer in Charge login

3) Examiner login

4) Admin Login

5) MSBTE login

Non Theory Emarksheet process

Basically, there are two logins for Non TH emarksheet. Additionally, there are 2 logins for admin and MSBTE.

1) Head of Department

2) Examiner


4) Admin

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