ac1 Company Policy



As a company structure there should be technical director whoever is the most eligible person will be next technical director person.

Employee who is drawing salary of Rs 100000/-and above should be eligible by default for technical director capability.


All the permanent employees and the employees on probation are classified into various designations depending upon the job responsibility in the company. The detailed hierarchy is present in the organization chart provided in the website.


The Company may, at its discretion conduct background verification prior to or after your expected joining date. Various documents are required for background authentication and the company reserves all the rights to terminate the continuity of services if any falsification is found. The company reserves all rights to declare the documents as accurate and satisfactory.


The employee will be issued identity card within 07 working days of joining the services of the company.


Offer & Appointment letter will be issued to the employees by the Human Resource Management Department upon his / her joining the company.


The Registered Office / Regional Office working days are from Monday to Saturday and standard office time is 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. Sunday will be weekly off.

The project site working days are from Monday to Saturday and standard project time is based on the project location and type of project.


Employee will be resign from the company services, has to submit the resignation letter to Project Head / HR Department. If anyone resigns before 18 months then company has the rights to not issue experience certificate or any other documents to Employee or any other Employer.

No Employee will join to our business competitor for next one year from the date of resignation.


Employer /Employee can terminate employee from employship by at least giving minimum two months notice. Proof must be present of any such termination and get it approved via email
id  , on falling to do so the termination will not be valid.

No employee can terminate himself/herself, with in the eighteen months, falling to do so is simple a discontinue employee and will name as blacklist in the website of the company.
Once Eighteen months will completed then one can terminate himself/herself by giving two months notice or by paying two months complete salary.

In case of Employer terminate any employee after 18 month then employer either have to give 2 months notice or have to pay the two months complete CTC.

In probation period of 18 months if any employee is continuous absent for more than 30 days, then the employee will be terminate but he /she can reapply again for job application.


All dues and include last salary will be clear by company within 45 days , as there are critical process was involve by giving the character certificate of employee.

In order to get the full and final payment one have to take the character certificate from the company.

Company can produce the character certificate to employee only an only after 30 days by taking required from client and other employee , if there is no negative remark either by client or by Team leader then only company can give character certificate or else it will be treated as legal consequence and will take court action.

After the character certificate the employee will need to collect security certificate from 99IDEAS LLC (A third party company for evaluating security).


This Policy lays down the provisions regarding: Authorization for travel Modes of travel
Classification of cities Limits of reimbursement for boarding and lodging Miscellaneous payments, which the employees have to undertake while travelling on company business.


Salary and responsibilities are going vice versa so with the increase in salary the individual have to increase responsibilities.

ac1 Company Policy



All employee need to take Approval from his/her Reporting Manager or Team Leader for handover of technical reports of his/her job responsibilities, after No Objection or No Dues clearance received from Reporting Manager or Team Leader only employee will get relieve from service. All company asset need to be handover by approval of Team Leader, After technical team Approval employee will get relieve from his/her service.


Retirement age for Non Technical members is 55 Year and Technical members is 45 Year.

ac3 Company Policy



All Cash expenses will be done by IDBI debit card only for travel expense and other office expenses only debit card is authorized. Volition of rule will be fine to Account Rs 500 per transaction.

From Finical year 2017 -2018 no cash expenses will done for any purchase maximum cash expenses limit for per month is Rs 500/- and if cash expenses will be found more than Rs 1000 responsible finance & admin director will be paid fine Rs 1000/- for this month excess cash amount expenses.

There shouldn't be any plenty charges impose by the client on any of the project of that particular group

ac3 Company Policy



Employee needs to provide all the documents required to create a salary account with the Bank the company provides.


For New Employee Salary revision is after 18 months. For regular employee salary revision is every two years.

Salary minor reset can be done after a period of one year and final reset after 18 months , with the commitment period of 1 year.

Salary will be raised based on various condition and can't be guaranteed, the company should be required profit margin by directed by the Income Tax of India.

Employee who is drawing salary of Rs 100000/-and above should be eligible by default for technical director capability.

Once salary level of technicalteam members is reach Rs 1 Lakh per month, including bonus if consider part of the salary, then the salary increase will be in two years at 7% or average inflation rate of two years and that too if company in profit and can be handel by handling all other salary.

Employee Salary revisions will be after 18 months approximately 30% depend on Employee Performance and if Employee 30% Increased salary is more than Rupee 30000/- Per Month then Salary structure will get divided in two part i.e. monthly fix salary and bonus and increased salary 20% amount will get added in monthly salary and remaining 10% amount in bonus part.

After completion of 2 years fewer than 50000 salary revisions will be 15%

After completion of 2 years for salary 50000 to 70000 salary revision will be 12%

All salary revision will be done only when company growth is in profit.

employee tenure in company will maximum 5 years for salary revision after the five years if company is not in profit no salary revision will be done.

Technical team employee maximum salary drawn limit will be Rs 1,00,000/- for company turnover between Rs 1 Crore To Rs 4 Crore & between Rs 4 Crore To Rs 7.5 Crore maximum salary drawn limit will be Rs 1,50,000/-

If any one given resignation before compelting six month of salary bonus period he will not eligible for bonus amount.

If any employee is Medical unfit for two consecutive years , during and when the live project are in phase then there will be no salary raised for the particular employee for the period of one year and if it continue for 3 consecutive year the employee will be automatically terminated from the company.


There will be no Bonus Policy in Four Pillars Infotech India Pvt for both Technical and Non Technical Department , example like Diwali Bonus ,Performance Bonus etc. All the advantage will include in a Bonus in the salary structure as raised as when applicable.

If someone did the excellent performance then in the salary raised the additional performance bonus will add up for a period of one year.

Performance bonus will only be given to a particular employee provided there was no issue occur and if clients are extremely satisfied, and company shouldn't received any complain letter for client.

Salaries means salary i.e which is reflected in Salary slip.  One of the component in the salary slip is fix that is guaranteed Miscellaneous bonus , now in future whose ever salary is more than 50K minus  the guaranteed Miscellaneous bonus will be converted to Approval Bonus i.e after six month they need to take permission from there upward authority that whether he/she is approving the bonus or not. If that is not approved by higher authorities  then that bonus for that six month will be void.

How ever in future salary is more than 50K, the guaranteed bonus will not reflect in CTC.

Salary will revised after every two month and need the surety of the future 12 month work objective.

Any extra bonus amount given to employee out of company profit will never get consider as a part of his/her Salary Structure(CTC) and he/she is fully aware that he/she will not consider this bonus amount as a part of his /her next salary revision discussion.

Strictly no additional bonus once the salary cross above 1 Lakh , until and unless the company get benefit by direct contribution.

Bonus once declare then the bonus holding period is of one year the company will give bonus only after an year , if the employee get terminated before then he or she have no rights bonus.

If anyone is eligible for Bonus, though our company does not support boncing structure, so is very personal but from now or in future will be given during the time of salary raise and holding period is 6 months or company have to pay before the end of financial year.

No bonus for Non Technical person as once the net salary is above 20,000.

If because of employee health issue or emergency , if the employee is not satisfactory doing the project responsibility then the employee is automatically not eligible for any bonus.

Any Performance bonus declare on salary will only applicable to receive after a period of one year , provided if the employee give further commitment of staying 1 year. If Employee Leave before the period of 1 year, then he or she have no rights for bonus.

Company can hold the employee bonus for 1 Year.


FPII is committed to support every employee to reach their potential and achieve their personal goals, which in turn will assist the organization to achieve its objectives.The performance appraisal policy supports the performance appraisal scheme. The scheme is a formal process centered on an annual meeting of each employee and their line manager to discuss his/her work.

For performance analysis in default date, the leave position must be positive else the performane analysis is hold for one year and leaves will be set to original postion.

ac4 Company Policy



As per Company policy and govt. specified rules employees will receive entitled leaves.
PAID HOLIDAYS - Company declares list of paid holidays for the calendar year in advance in the month of January each year


Absent leave- As per company policy all employees need to apply for leave in advance for all preplan leaves ,leaves taken without intimation to concern reporting authorities will be mark as absent for a day and absent days salary will get deducted from employee salary.

Pepole in probation , the number of days of absent will increase the default dates and may terminated


With the application of company’s rules, there are predefined leaves that can be availed by the employees within one calendar year
Earned / Privileged Leave [18 days]
Casual Leave [7 days]
Sick Leave [7 days]

Sick and Casual Leaves can be used within the quarter. Sick and Casual leave are generated 3.5 per Quarter. Employees can use 3.5 Leaves in quarter anytime only in case of submission of sick certificate issued by doctor. After Quarter it will get collapse if not used in particular quarter.

If two time negative leave balance during continuous three year service then Employee will be automatically terminated by company.

egative leave Consequences- Leaves policy reset to zero and salary revision will extend for 1 years from the defaults dates


Formula for Generated leave Encashment : (Gross Salary / 30) * no. of Leaves

Formula for Carry Forwarded Earn leave Encashment : ((Basic + D.A + HRA) / 30) * no. of Leaves


Leave without pay may be granted to an employee for various reasons, including medical leave, extended educational purposes or personal reasons. At the end of the approved leave, the employee may be reinstated to his/her prior position.
Leave without pay should not to be more than 1 month after which his services may be considered for Termination by giving show cause notice.


Long holiday is some one is absent except very serious ill or accident then it will be mark as absent and also the back holiday will get minus from the leave , but subject to the consideration of the team manager.

Continuous negative leave for two consecutive time will be automatically terminated.

If there is negative leave salary will be not raised for a period of one year if applicable and leave will be reset.

If employee is continuous absent for 3 months as because of whatsoever reason the employee is automatically terminated from company, in probation period any continuous absence for more than 15 days will increase the length of the probation period.

ac2 Company Policy



As per company policy all employees need to be covered under medical health insurance policy & all health insurance policy documentation process of new joined employee need to be completed within 10 days from her/his joining policy by HR/Admin Dept. If employee is insured himself with her/his individual personal medical insurance policy then employee can submit his individual medical policy documents to HR/Admin Dept for official record.

Employee selected Medical insurance Policy premium amount 50% will be paid by company & remaining 50% amount will be deducted by equally installment from employee monthly salary. If employee left company before the completion of one year of medical policy balance premium amount will get deducted from employee’s full & final settlement dues.


This policy takes care of accidents of our workman working at the site during the working hours at project site. Whenever there is an accident at site, same has to be reported to HO immediately.

ac5 Company Policy



The Management reserves the rights to modify, add, delete, amend, interpret or withdraw any or all rules at its own discretion. The decision of the management is binding on all the employees. Any statutory amendment made by Government if applicable to the company will be part of this policy.

Management having right to retain any employee and accordigly can reinstate the default dates of change.

Whoever is the highest salary is actually having responsibilities whether company all seign and received document are corrected with resect to submit proposal and nothing should be in loss as in comparison with previous year, highest salary and all Technical Director are having sole responsible.

Similarly if anything is not fine with HR and then its responsibility of company paying highest salary,Technical director and Team leader are equally responsible. Anyway I am trying my level best to eliminate out the HR and make it automated via software

All of the other MoU , work order any thing related with customer should be gone through Highest Paying Salary and Appoint Technical Director and the account dept having no role into the same.

The rule of Admin Director is only limited to collection of bills , client handling and handling other administrative issue like Office, company internal accounting , administrative problem either by employee or any outsider and take action accordingly.


Technical Team Meeting

For all technical team members meeting will get conducted every three days in week by company consultant at office time sharp 9.30 A.M and all eligible employee / team leaders/ reporting managers need to present for the same meeting on time falling on attending the meeting or delay in attending meeting will be consider absent for a day.

Finance Director Meeting

Finance Director meeting will get conducted every three days in week by company consultant at office time sharp 9.30 A.M and he need to present for the same meeting on time falling on attending the meeting or delay in attending meeting will be consider absent for a day.

Support Team Meeting

Support team meeting will get conducted every two days in week by company consultant at office time sharp 9.30 A.M and he need to present for the same meeting on time falling on attending the meeting or delay in attending meeting will be consider absent for a day.


You will not during the course of your employment with the company or at any time there after divulge or disclose to any person whomsoever any information or knowledge obtained by you during your employment here under and also use your best endeavor to prevent any other person from doing so.


This is a statutory retirement benefit scheme. Employees having basic salary less than Rs. 6500, their employer’s and employee contribution will be calculated @ 12% of basic salary. Employees having basic salary Rs. 6500 or more their employer’s and employee contribution will be @ Rs. 780/-


ac1 Company Policy



SR NoEmployee NameDate Of JoiningDesignation
01Prashant Gajarmal01.04.2017Director
02Sagar Thakare01.04.2011Director
04Sandeep Tatkare01.04.2011Director-Finance
05Jitendra Borhade01.10.2014Software Engineer
06Sawan Gaikwad04.02.2014Software Engineer
07Rahul Sonawane03.01.2018Software Engineer
08Amol Pawar14.04.2014Software Engineer
09Arpit Khare01.02.2014Software Engineer
10Rajendra Patil15.03.2018Software Engineer
11Vaibhav Gaikwad01.08.2014Associate Software Engineer
12Kalpesh Vasaikar15.01.2018Associate Software Engineer
13Nayan Kandhare10.10.2012Associate Software Engineer
14Dipak Patil07.08.2014Associate Software Engineer
15Rashmi Bawankule06.10.2014Associate Software Engineer
16Vishakha Pannase01.07.2016Associate Software Engineer
17Priyanka Shambharkar01.07.2016Associate Software Engineer
18Vikas Chavan07.11.2016Associate Web Designer
19Aman Pathak02.05.2017Associate Web Designer
20Saurabh Saxena26.06.2017Associate Software Engineer
21Rahul Khairnar05.02.2018Associate Web Designer
22Shankar Shinde01.03.2017Account Assistance
23Priyanka Mali02.05.2018Associate Software Engineer
24Prashant Sabale01.08.2017Associate Software Engineer
25Sunny Sinha01.02.2014Office Assistant


SR NoEmplooyee NameLast DesignationDuration Of ServiceLast working DayLast Drwan salary P.AStatus of Exit Formalities
01Anil JadhavPrincipal Consultant5 Years 5 Months30.03.2016Rs 73205Completed
02Manesh ShindeHR & Admin4 Years 7 Months30.10.2017Rs 22000Completed
03Urvesh WaghPrincipal Software Engineer3 Years 8 Months17.07.2017Rs 61136Completed
04Digamber KangudeAssociate Software Engineer2 Years 10 Months30.04.2014Rs 19800Completed
05Sachin BirariWeb Designer2 Years 2 Months09.06.2014Rs 33000Completed
06Shekhar BhiseAssociate Software Engineer1 Year 1 Month27.03.2014RS 21600Completed
07Sachin PawarAssociate Software Engineer2 Years 5 Month29.07.2014Rs 19200Completed
08Nitin PundAssociate Software Engineer2 Years 8 Month19.11.2014Rs 25200Completed
09Sharddha VishnupurikarSoftwarte Engineer3 Years 1 Month20.02.15Rs 36000Completed
10Shakutala DesaiAssociate Software Engineer1 Years 1 Month31.10.15Rs 24000Completed
11Yogesh RenukeAssociate Software Engineer3 Years 2 Month31.04.16Rs 26000Completed
12Abhilash ChoudhraySoftware Engineer2 Years 7 Month21.04.17Rs 30000Completed
13Snehal ShindeSoftware Engineer3 Years 1 Month06.05.2017Rs 30000Completed
14Shrikant HanchateAssociate Software Engineer2 Years 4 Month08.05.11Rs 12000Completed
15Chitranjan JhaAssociate Web Designer1 Years 7 Month29.08.16Rs 12000Completed
16Sarang BhopleAssociate Graphic Designer1 Years 11 Month13.05.17Rs 24000Completed
17Akshay ShindeSoftware Engineer2 Years 8 Month06.09.17Rs 37500Completed
18Sharad ChouguleSoftware Engineer3 Years 10 Month03.01.18Rs 39200Completed
19Rachna HirwarkarAssociate Software Engineer3 Years 0 Month20.01.18Rs 21000Completed
20Shivkumar YadavAssociate Software Engineer2 Years 8 Month19.01.18Rs 22000Completed
20Priyanka MehtaWeb Designer & SEO Analyst1 Year 2 Month31.10.18Rs 20000Completed


SR NoEmplooyee NameLast DesignationDuration Of ServiceLast working DayLast Drwan salary P.AStatus of Exit Formalities
01Nilesh PawarAssociate Software Engineer8 Months21.12.2014Rs240000Left Job without Notice Period Exit Formalties is incompleted
02Dipali GaikwadAssocaite Web Designer1 Year19.06.15Rs 144000Left Job without Notice Period Exit Formalties is incompleted
03Sachin KhuneAssociate Software Engineer7 Months30.10.17Rs 264000Left Job without Notice Period Exit Formalties is incompleted