ORGANIZATION CHART: Designation Wise Roles and Responsibilities

Director – The director is the most important person in a company and all the final decisions and approvals are made by the director. The director is responsible for all important decisions and acquiring new projects and generating clients. The director is not involved in the daily activities of the employees but gives approval on any company requirements.

Admin Department – The admin department keeps account of employee leaves, finance, travel, workplace environment, insurance claims etc. It is the responsibility of the admin department to address the common problems of employees and get all tickets/issues resolved. The admin department consists of the HR and accounts department.

HR – HR department is responsible for laying out the terms and conditions of employment, releasing experience certificates, hiring new employees, conducting background check on employees and addressing common problems of employees.

Accountant – The role of the accountant is to maintain salary account of all employees, file tax exemptions for the company, regularly maintain the expenses of the company, prepare balance sheet to track company’s turnover, roll out letters of increment and all the financial work related to the company.

Project Manager – The role of the project manager is to oversee the allocation of resources and utilities required for smooth execution of the project. The project manager will also dedicate teams to each project and gather client requirement and establish project delivery deadlines.

Project Lead – The project lead will establish the process of project execution. It is the responsibility of the project lead to see the completion of all tasks within specified deadlines and the main responsibility of project delivery lies on the project lead. The project lead is also responsible for training of resources and new joinees and is therefore required to be updated with all technical demands of the project. The project lead is also required to give the final design consent required.

Principal Software Engineer – The principal Software Engineer will layout the project architecture and design algorithms and flowchart for the code to be developed. Maintenance of codes, database exchange systems, and all documents related to the project should be designed by the Principal Software Engineer and verified by the Project Lead. Algorithms, design and other technical details are designed by the Software Engineer.

Software Developer – The software developer is required to develop or execute the project as per the flow/design provided by the Project Lead or Principal Software Engineer. The Software Developer is responsible for the execution of all the project codes/documents and can also suggest ideas to the Software Engineer.

Associate Software Developer – Associate Software Developer is required to undertake all the trainings required to be familiar with the project/work environment of the company. It is also the self responsibility of the associate software developer to seek external trainings or certifications which can be of help to the project or company.