Online Admission

online admission system

What is the purpose of online admission system?

Every year,‭ ‬students in thousands queue up for collecting admission/application forms and then again for submitting the admission/application forms.‭ ‬This leads to problems in organizing the applications,‭ ‬ resulting in annoyed parents and students alike.‭ ‬The admission process is considered crucial for students as they get an opportunity to showcase their presence in the colleges and universities.‭ Online admission  allows institutes to receive applications through the web and candidates need not collect physical forms.‭

‬Candidates are required to visit the admission website of the institute.‭ ‬All eligibility criteria,‭ ‬no.‭ ‬of seats,‭ ‬selection criteria etc are mentioned in the website.‭ ‬This is the online systems wherein the students fill the application forms and option forms to take admission to Various Diploma and degree Courses.‭ ‬System also includes the fast data processing‭ ‬in seat distribution and allotment.‭ ‬This mission critical system will run in less than‭ ‬2‭ ‬minutes for multiple instances and conditions with single database transaction for various courses.‭

Online Admission Application‭ ‬System has been accepted with widespread praise and as such several institutes have approached us for implementing a similar system for them.

What are the steps involved in online admissions?

Online admissions is a four-step cyclical process which involves:

  • i) Institute reporting
  • ii) Online application and verification
  • iii) Allocation of seats
  • iv) Online allottment

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